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Book Reviews
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Island A Story Of The Galapagos By Jason Chin
by Jason Chin

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A lot of information about the Galapagos.

Kristy S Big Day Babysitters Club
by Gale Galligan

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Very funny

Goodnight Moon
by Margaret Wise Brown

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It was silly how they said goodnight to nothing.

Royal Ranger
by John Flanagan

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The Ranger's Apprentice Series is a wonderful universe that I would gladly escape to anytime! The characters evolve throughout the books wonderfully and each book connects seamlessly with the next. I found myself connecting with each character in more ways then one and can not say how much I enjoyed reading these enough (although I will have to or I will likely subconsciously spoil it for someone and I do not want to be that person)!

Enders Game
by Orson Scott Card

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Great book with relatable characters.the book has many double meanings and commentaries on humanity and war.

Fancy Nancy the case of the disappearing doll
by Laurie Israel

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Nancy tracks down her doll!

Serafina And The Twisted Staff
by Robert Beatty

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Very suspenseful, and it was hard to figure out who was a friend and who was an enemy. We loved the moment when the black panther came into the story!!!! Awesome series.

Concrete Rose
by Angie Thomas

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I really enjoy Angie Thomas as an author. Her books offer a lot of insight into a culture that needs more recognition.

by Beverly Fiday

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I liked the pink piggy puzzle because I like pink. I like when she waited to jump rope and I liked her gardening thing. I also like when she tried to fix her button.

Harry Potter
by J.k .Rowling

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My fav book of all time